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Heating System Replacement, Furnace Installation and Furnace Replacement

One of the biggest issues a homeowner can face is when to keep repairing a furnace or when it is time replace it. Its not an easy decision oftentimes causing home owners many a sleepless night but in this article we can provide you with some help in making the decision to replace the heart of any home, your furnace.

These can range from many signs, age of your system, sudden temperature changes, loss of heat on the coldest days, the inability of your furnace to reach a comfortable temperature, loud noises or an ever increasing cost to run your furnace beyond what it was in past years. Any one of these or several together together may mean its time to replace your old furnace with a newer, more energy efficient furnace. When that time does happen make sure to call a licensed professional who can walk you through the steps, present educated options on the type of furnace you need and provide a cost effective solution.

When Should I Replace My Heating System

The life expectancy of a furnace is about 15 years, after this you will see that your previously warm home has become a series of hot and cold spots because your aging furnace just can’t supply a consistent heat source. This in turn will drive your monthly heating costs beyond previous maximums. If you’re wondering when its time to perform a furnace replacement, take a look at the total cost of your next repair. If the total cost of the repair is more than half the cost of putting in a new furnace, then it may be time to consider a replacement and possibly consider making a change to your heating option, such as radiant heating, Mitsubishi ductless, or zone control systems.

If you have a furnace in service for 10 years or less, it’s recommended to perform a repair on your old furnace to fix common issues. You can use a simple calculation to give you a sense of when a furnace repair is worth it: take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the age of the furnace, and if the result is less than 5,000, the repair isn’t too expensive. I.E., if you have a furnace that’s 7 years old, and it needs repairs to its burners that costs $400, the repair is probably worth it. (7 x 400 = 2,800.)


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