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Thermostats Installation


Two Types Of Thermostats Digital And Smart

I’m sure you’re saying wait aren’t both digital and while this is somewhat true the two are distinctly different.

A digital thermostat is programmable so you can set temperature routines for exact days and hours to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. The main issue is you have to be in the home and physically in front of the thermostat  to make any changes to that routine.

A smart thermostat is also fully programmable but also can take into consideration such things as the outside temperature, cloudy or sunny and many more factors to fine tune your programmed routines. Along with this you can change these routines from anywhere inside your home or outside it because smart thermostats use your homes WIFI system to communicate with the outside world.


Dependable and Efficient – Smart Thermostats Are The Way Of The Future

50%  of your energy costs come from heating nd cooling your home. With smart thermostats you get superior control and programmability, allowing you to cut these costs drastically. Beside being able to program your desired setting these devices as we mentioned can learn and adapt to your routines. Whether at work, home or vacation you can constantly check in on how your system is running via remote apps to make sure you return to a comfortable home.

No need to fear, even for least technology driven of us smart thermostats are very easy to use and program, our technician will be there to walk you through the initial configuration of your system so you can learn how to run it.


Peace of mind for you and your family.

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